About us

At the Hills of Transdanubia, near fields, ponds and villages is where our facility, „Janus Country Site” is located. With a scenery similar to a painting, from the North, it shares borders with the forest of Koppány-valley, and from the South you can see the mountains of Mecsek.
You can find 3 excellent thermal spas in a 30 km radius (about half an hour by car),and on top, they are open during the entire year. These are: Igal Gyógyfürdő, Tamási Thermal SPA, Dombóvár Gunaras Fürdő.

On the plot, that is approximately 20 000 sqms, you can find 4 mobile homes placed far from each other, and a renewed villager house, which has 4 separate living quarters. The living quartes are each equipped with a separate bathroom, kitchen, and AC and heating unit.
Among the facilities located on the plot, you can find a Sauna, playground and a relaxing spot.

Each building has it’s own parking. Our houses are mainly up for booking in between spring, and fall, but can be used outside that range if the weather allows it.